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Custom split ortholinear ergo keyboard

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I'm looking to build a custom split ergo keyboard that is 100% or 75% (must have function row) and ortholinear. I haven't seen many posts or pictures of these out there, so I was wondering if anyone a little more versed in these split keyboards has some resources or projects they could point me to.

The ergodox is pretty much exactly what I want, but I need that 6th row of function keys (I do not want to do a 5th row that has a modifier for an extra row of functionality). Are these out there? Are there GBs starting for something like this?

Something along these lines?

That's extremely close. Pretty much that but not a full grid, just ortholinear columns a la the ergodox

I haven't seen anything like that with a F-row.

I believe that is because it does not make sense to require the F-row keys when there is enough thumb/palm modifiers. It is easier to press a thumb-key modifier and key in the main keywell area than move your hand to reach a key in the F-row. Many people put arrow keys in the home row through a function key for the same reason. You can put even chords with function keys in the main keywell like e.g. this:

--- Code: ---Win-F11 Win-F1 Win-F2 Win-F3 Win-F4 Win-F5 ScrlLck  NumLck Win-F6 Win-F7 Win-F8 Win-F9 Win-F10 Win-F12
Alt-F11 Alt-F1 Alt-F2 Alt-F3 Alt F4 Alt F5 CapsLck  Applic Alt-F6 Alt-F7 Alt-F8 Alt-F9 Alt F10 Alt F12
Shf-F11 Shf-F1 Shf-F2 Shf-F3 Shf-F4 Shf-F5 VolUp    Insert Shf-F6 Shf-F7 Shf-F8 Shf-F9 Shf-F10 Shf-F12
Ctr-F11 Ctr-F1 Ctr-F2 Ctr-F3 Ctr-F4 Ctr-F5                 Ctr-F6 Ctr-F7 Ctr-F8 Ctr-F9 Ctr-F10 Ctr-F12

--- End code ---
E.g. to get Ctrl-Shift-F4 press FnX-Ctrl-F xor FnX-Shift-V (when QUERTY is used in the base layer). Don't bother with F-row keys. Ergodox designers knew why they did not bother with the function keys. They are useless with a good firmware and good thumb clusters.


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