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Customers custom 12 switch tester with grab bag keycaps:

I purchased one of your mega switch testers a couple of weeks back - thanks for the fun selection of keycaps, by the way  ;D - and I was thinking: I don't know where you source the plastic trays, but if you could have trays made to fit Alps switches, that would be amazing. I for one would love to have a way to hold my collection of Alps switches that doesn't involve plastic bags or cannibalizing a vintage keyboard.

Also, please add an option to buy the trays without switches -- while I love the mega tester with all the standard Cherries, Gaterons, Kailhs etc., I'd love to have another tray next to it with vintage Cherry MX blacks, nixies, Razers, Zealios, etc.

Hello Sir,

I'm Bella from the Kailh Electronics which is manufacturer of the mechanical keyboard switch,
now we have the kailh BOX switch and low profile switch as well as we have the keycap puller & RGB pocket numpad;
If there has any request about it,please contact me,thanks a lot!


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