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[GB] GMK HONEYWELL (In Production)

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--- Quote from: metalliqaz on Sat, 18 November 2017, 13:31:34 ---
--- Quote from: tron on Sat, 18 November 2017, 13:22:40 ---Honeywell with Revo One milk white case (pottery coating).

--- End quote ---

So clean and elegant.  Love it.

But the placement of those mods tho...

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I agree.  I just wanted to get something in the case fast so I could see how the color combination came out (used an old infinity build and threw the Honeywell caps on).  When I have more time I plan on building a new board for the case using Zealiostotles and a proper bottom row.

when R2


--- Quote from: Dmitri on Sat, 10 February 2024, 09:13:24 ---when R2

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It's actually instock at oco, however it's really really expesnive (not worth imo)

You could probably find it cheaper on the aftermarket though


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