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This is an interest check for GMK still gotta name it Wāpuro (thank you u/lovetree for the suggestion!). I wanted to throw this interest check out before I submit to the Massdrop keyset contest to get the word out a bit. I plan on developing this set further even if the keyset contest doesn't work out.

This set is based on a keyset found on Sony's 1987 PJ-100 Word Processor. I instantly wanted this set on my keeb as soon as I saw it. I've been trying to find time to work out a concept for about 5 months now, and the keyset contest helped to push me to get it done. Below are some pics of the inspiration set:

I had help from some great guys on Reddit, who translated all of the keys for me. You can find that post here if you're interested

And here is my first stab at the keyset...

Alphas are CP on CC
Mods are CP on N9

Both are classic GMK dolch colors. The green, yellow and orange colors will all be custom meaning the MOQ will be 250, but since I plan on running thru Massdrop this won't be an issue. This will most likely have to be split into 2 kits, with the base kit containing all the keys except for the bottom cluster of Japanese only keys, which will make up the second kit. This set is pretty complicated with the sublegends and the front printed text. How it will be manufactured is not completely clear to me right now. If they make new dyes for GMK Laser, this set could possibly all be double shot top legends, but it would all be one color legend. The most likely, which doesn't seem like a bad option to me, is that the white legends would be doubleshot and the sublegends and front text would be pad printed. Not ideal, but it allows for greater flexibility.

I'll post some layout images soon AND I need someone willing to render this set. I've reached out to a few people who said they can't do it because of the sublegends and front text. Let me know if you're up for the task!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggests(Like for a name). Thanks!  :)





Kinda feels like Dolch with a tiny bit of Retro with a lot of sublegends for aesthetics (I especially like the green/yellow etc). I like it.

I have a feeling this would make for a beautiful keyset. I'm afraid it's a bit too "busy" for my tastes though, so I'll probably pass unless renders can convince me otherwise. Interested to see the progress on it though.


--- Quote from: xondat on Wed, 27 September 2017, 14:43:30 ---Kinda feels like Dolch with a tiny bit of Retro with a lot of sublegends for aesthetics (I especially like the green/yellow etc). I like it.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I love sublegends! Makes me wish GMK Azimuth would get produced.....

Anyone have name ideas? I can't call it GMK Sony or anything like that and I think GMK PJ100 sounds weird


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