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DSA Royal Navy Round 2

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I'm in! So excited! This could be my endgame  :-*

I,m IN. At last!  :)) love for EURO pack.. there's not a lot of around here...

This is such a beautiful set! I'll probably end up buying one.

I have one problem with it. It seems weird to me that the Planck kit includes red arrow keys. If you want blue ones on your Planck you'd have to spend an extra 30 on the standard modifiers kit for just those four keys, with most of the rest of the keys in that kit being useless for your Planck. It also lowers the value of the colour kit.

EDIT: By the way, what Signature Plastics ABS colours are used in this set?
EDIT 2: Found it! Blue is BBI, red is RA and white is WCK

John McCormick:
Can I just buy a set now?


--- Quote from: John McCormick on Thu, 07 December 2017, 21:06:37 ---Can I just buy a set now?

--- End quote ---



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