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Welcome to zFrontier! An Opening Announcement and Invitation


Hello! Welcome to zFrontier' sub-forum here at GeekHack.

We are one of the most active mechanical keyboard communities among China's enthusiasts. Our forum is much like a Chinese version of GH for enthusiasts in China. You may find the coolest keyboard enthusiasts in China in our community (, posting their customized keyboards and keycaps, sharing experiences of “发烧” (burning with feverish desire), organizing group-buys, and even talking about posts from GH.

For designers, group-buy leaders and vendors, we welcome you to promote your ICs and GBs in our forum. We are actively compiling all GB and IC information from all over the world together in a weekly update in Chinese, dubbed the “zFrontier Weekly” (like this Feel free to contact us to include your news and link in “zFrontier Weekly”, and get more fans and support from the Chinese community.

If you have a group-buy or product, and would like a partner to promote and distribute it, we are your best choice in China/Asia regions. We are based in Shanghai, and have our own warehouse and logistic operations in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. We use DHL to ship all items internationally, and use SF Express within China. We have a full-time customer care team dedicated to providing a better shopping experience.

If you are a designer or have an idea of a keycap set or keyboard, we can help to make it happen. We have close partnership with various manufacturers, including GMK, Keyreative, Maxkey, JTK, and many custom keyboard manufacturers as well.

Most importantly, for our customers, we are going to create a dedicated thread for each of our future group-buy in this sub-forum and update the latest status.

We are trying to lower the threshold (price, lead time, and risk) of buying customized items for enthusiasts so that the aggregate demand will be enlarged and that attracts more suppliers, and this builds a positive feedback loop which will eventually improve the overall efficiency of this niche market (more options, lower prices, decentralized).

We are also recommending GeekHack to members of our community in China, so that the GBs and ICs run here will gain more exposure amongst Chinese keyboard fans. We hope to help facilitate and become a bridge of communications between the Western and Eastern keyboard enthusiasts, and watch the flames of passion for our hobby burn ever brighter.

Thank you!

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Chinese Website:
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