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Durgod Taurus Aurora in Stock


Durgod is the new comer in the mechanical keyboard. It gets known for its best price for good quality, good colour and good design.

Durgod updates its Taurus line, which is named as Aurora. You can see what the big update is from its name.

Aurora features dual lighting system, red and blue this time. Its lighting system features 8 lighting modes, 10 bright levels.

Lighting Effect hotkeys

* Fn+PrtSc: switch the lighting effect
* Fn+ScrLk: Aurora Specterum mode option
* Fn+Pause: Single colour mode option
* Fn+Ins: Turn off lighting
* Fn+Del: Turn on lighting
* Fn+Up/down arrow: Adjust bright level
* Fn+Left/right arrow: Adjust speed level
* Fn+PgUp:
* Radar mode: Clockwise;
* adjust lighting direction under Wave mode;
* Ripple mode: Spread
* Fn+PgDn:
* Radar mode: Counter clockwise;
* adjust lighting direction under Wave mode;
* Ripple mode: Gather
You can see the lighting effects HERE.

Durgod Taurus Aurora Spec

* PBT double-shot keycaps
* Cherry MX switch (Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver)
* Programmable with Durgod Zeus Engine (English supported)
* Type-c

K310 (104 keys)

* Length: 438mm
* Width: 132.5mm
* Height: 24.5mm
* Weight: 1.06kg
K320 (TKL)

* Length: 357.5mm
* Width: 132.5mm
* Height: 24.5mm
* Weight: 0.9kg
Link to the product.


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