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Bellyflop into the Rabbit Hole
« on: Tue, 01 February 2022, 01:03:16 »
Aside from Reddit this is my first official forum post ever!

I guess I am not completely new, but a classmate in my bachelor's program got me back into the hobby with her enthusiasm for the KBD67 Lite R3 in light blue. I fell in love with the ink green but that was after it sold out. That's fine as I got the Keychron Q2.

Started off with a Ducky mini with brown switches probably because my gf played Fortnite and followed some person that recommended it. One of the biggest mistakes ever lol... the lack of dedicated arrows was such a no, especially for work. My second ever keeb was a numpad with macro functionalities from an unknown brand on ebay. This was probably where the dive started. I used it to increase my productivity at work for healthcare data entry. I swapped the media keys for arrow keys and had a lot of fun finding new macros. Did I say that I use it southpaw? Why? Because the right hand shouldn't have to leave the mouse at work lol.

Kickstarter then introduced me to Keychron via the K6, a 65% keyboard (the tears of joy that came from having dedicated arrow keys again). I then turned into a Keychron fanboy. I grabbed the K7 Ultra slim for school purposes. I use a dumb Surface Pro so ergonomics are so bad during my four hours of class. Got a stand to fix my posture, but that got rid of the keyboard. K7 was the answer. I then impulse bought the Q2 because of the knob, and here I am now as my knob obsession has me searching the corners of the internet.

Ebay has some that I might jump for... There is a 3 knob QMK/VIA, and a 4 knob bootleg VIA that I am looking at... The knob obsession probably came from Work Louder's Creator Board and their 5 knobs. The price turned me off so I started looking for other things. There is the Knob Goblin with two knobs and other cool features... I found it 9 months late. Joined their discord to one day find a third group buy. I then found the Pikatea, but figured I would not want it to be mounted the way it's intended... and I want more than one knob.

Once again, here I am to dive into a more niche sector of our fun little hobby. Looking forward to bellyflopping deeper!