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--- Quote from: Sifo on Mon, 03 July 2023, 15:30:46 ---You can do it before and after the soldering session as well as periodically in between during soldering after cleaning.

--- End quote ---
Sorry, to clarify I haven't used the solder iron yet. I re-read on tip tinner and it appears to be only used when absolutely needed. I think on a new iron I should just apply solder to tin it normally.

I think the procedure is to clean the tip, apply the tinner, and then clean the tip again to get rid of the residue. In most cases the tip should be shiny at that point even after cleaning, but I wanted to know if I'm not 100% sure is it ok to add more solder on the tip even after tinning if it doesn't appear shiny enough? What if it's already shiny and you apply more?

If it's possible to add too much solder on your tip, how do you remove the excess? Do you just use the brass sponge again, and if you do would you have to re-tin it again with solder?


Is it possible to make a macropad (like the DOIO ones) to output MIDI instead?


Mr. Perfect:
Hey all,

What's the favorite active PS/2 to USB converter these days? All the ones I'm familiar with seem to be out of production. Thanks!

Why do people just leave their coiled cable retracted on their desk and have a long normal cable connecting to the PC, to me the point of a coiled cable was that you're able to extend it so why just leave it sitting there like a less space efficient regular cable? I'm assuming a big part of it is just aesthetics.


--- Quote from: ClaireAbitbol on Sat, 11 November 2023, 05:21:57 ---
just aesthetics.

--- End quote ---

I despise coiled cables and think that they are clumsy and ugly.


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