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Hey Geekhackers,

May you give me some input on the set above?
I would really appreciate some constructive criticism and advice.
I'm pretty new to the geekhack-community, so I could use any advice.

First the keyset:
Name: Supergraphics
Profile: non-sculptured
Material: PBT
Print: Dye-Sub, but Doubleshot preferred of possible

I'm well aware, that there will be comparisons to 'SA 1976'. I like that set a lot, but thought there is room for improvement. I won't lie, my set is partly inspired by these keycaps.
I also know, it's gonna be pricy with all those colors, but that's something I have to deal with my whole life. Everything what I like, seems to be expensive.

Second me and the inspiration:
I'm over 30 years old (so you can be sure, it's not a child's joke), based in Germany and I've  been in the PC building and hardware scene for years now (although I got Macs, too). Custom keyboards, was the next logical step and a deep rabbit hole for me.
So it was about time to start something.

As I'm a huge fan of the 60s and 70s (cars, ads, lifestyle), got a PC spray painted with Noctua colors and a lot of Noctua fans in it and I'm probably more of an Autumn guy, who likes brown colors, I had to come up with this set.

So what do you think?

Do you like the set?
Would you buy it even if it's expensive?
What colors would you choose (colors are based on SP PBT color palette for now)?
Do you like the arrangement of the colors (it should look like a supergraphic rainbow with a bent)?

Of course, this is not yet an IC and I still need to learn a lot before I can start one, but I just wanted to get my idea out there, too you guys and girls and see if it's worth following this idea.

I really like Melissa, SP and PMK and I do own the coffee house set myself, but there are certain flaws I can't overlook.
For example: the PBT DSA keycaps of them are pretty thin and cheap sets from Amazon do this better, although their dye-sub isn't as crisp as the SP ones.
That leads me to my next section.

Questions I need to get answers and would appreciate any input:
- what other quality manufacturers would you suggest for PBT KAM, XDA, DSA or SA Row 3?
- Don't you think SP should do a new premium line of keycaps with thick PBT and maybe two-shot molds?
- Has anyone tried to convince them, already?

Thank you for reading!
Here are some pictures of my concepts so far:

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So, has anyone experiences with Keyreative?
Anyone willing to share a way to contact them?
Do you like their quality better than SPs or is SP still king for PBT dye sub?
Would you rather buy a DSA set or a KAM/XDA/SA R3/NP set
I'm thankful for any advice regarding manufacture or the set itself.