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KeyCon 2018 Screen-Printed Poster Group Buy/Interest Thread

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Last year I designed a 12.5x19" poster for KeyCon and had them printed. The price last year was $20 and I was able to break even after selling a few at the event itself.

I'd like to gauge interest in another poster for this year. Time is slipping by so I've already started on some conceptual designs.

You can see last year's thread here:
And a quick photo I took of the poster once printed:

Let me know if you're interested by commenting and please fill out the Google Form:

if it's anything like the last one, for sure

form filled

I'm in.  :thumb:

Will definitely buy one at the con!

I'd love to get one at Keycon but I'm still not sure if I can get there. I'm interested in acquiring one nonetheless, so count me in!


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