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Current signup count, including anonymous entries and guests: 207

Ejewell89the good timesLightningXIKeyboards (2 or 3), Artisans (2-3 small cases)fendenta few boards, not sure yet. mostly 60% kustomsOfTheWildProbably the duck jetspeed. Likely the mech27, Lightsaver, mira se, m65a, pearl. maybe some split ortho boards, artisans. un_relatedAEK 2 (SKCM Dampened White), HHKB BT, 60% (Mod M), 2x NIU mini (box pale blue / box navy), 2x Planck (Zilents, MX Zilents)jacobsmirrorOTD 356 mini, Realforce 87u 10th Anniversary Edition w/OG BKE domes, ArtisansBobCarltheThirdPearl 40 with GMK laser, XMIT 60%, FC660c with BKE heavies, Artisan collectionShell058-ghostjuggernautkishsaver, keycult no.1, maybe x60 and artisansRob27shred3 or 4 Keyboards, my aluminum Clueboard, my RS II+ ver.C, my modded FC660C, & either my Model M or my ACR60HoffmanMysterLots of keyboardsPuddsyMira, Weaven, Schumi, tx60, and maybe something specialHashableLight-spring-modded boards for stenographyAvalaiArtisan of keyboard, and an old Honeywell converted boardAlex_at_pancCampine, Minorca pcb, Sebright PCB, LEVELOnceSavedGamingE6-v2, cod67, tbaNiceAndCreamyKeebs/prototypes/soldering tutorials?Vewy_niceBetween 1 and 10 keyboards, depending on space.Dan-fcoury-silverword-sroop1Canoe, Camp C225, KIRA60, LZ CLSmmgsicklerProbably a couple customs, some of my newer switches (BOX Royals, BOX Navy and Jade, Big Switches)Jb1830Lots of keyboards old and new.GriffityTx84, duck lsv3, 1 or 2 hhkbs, gherkin, IBM ssk, ergodox. I can bring more or less depending on table spacegodinjointformHopefully an e6v2, and an hhkb type-sVhaalis-norbauerExamples of my keyboard housings and builds.d_stilgar220+ switch collection, A few keyboardshineybushRestomodded G80-1800, FC980MOi27-VisionaireKBD75, Duck Eagle v2, TX65TheGrayWolf81Custom Redragon Kumara, possibly-going-to-be-modded Dell AT101W black ALPS, Corsair Gaming K65The_Magic_Toaster1989 Screw-modded Model M, 1993 Bolt-Modded Model M (maybe), GMMK TKL w/ Gateron blacks and black PBT blanksJoey QuinnBoards, artisans, etc. nav | a_vicarious_deathfartisans mebbe boards274-5 Mech27-TKL keyboardsDingus HammerLZ CLSm, Canoe, FC660CklarkuoProbably one keyboard and a bunch of artisanscarnagex9-TaylorisgPearl, maybe some artisansYinzeran ergodox or twonixn3rd-icedsoychaiSome keyboards and cool SA sets. d0theadClacky, thocky things.GerrwarePossibly a Vortex VibeOphidiosVint Black Planck - DSA Hana, 62g Vint Black 60% - DSA Infinity, Brown Alps64 - AEK II LayoutrmflaggModel Ms, IBM PCXTultranerd3.14-masonmc-veggedOutTada68techmattrProfessional photography gear. 32in lightbox, flashes, umbrellas.UbernoobyArtisan keycaps/NumpadCharm_CapsVarious Keyboards and Artisan CapsHyde-roostakeyboard builds, artisan caps, etc.Floristfransouthpaw 65%+, fourier, maybe a tkl of some kindCheemioWASD v2 TKL with Kailh BOX Navy and DSA DolchRyuDragoon2 Keyboards and artisansbeehatch2x keyboards, box of artisans ZiptyzeZlants (hopefully), Mech27, Sexy BacksGghiBluetooth HHKB-like keyboardsam0sApple m0116 USB, Lfk78 with Salmon Alps, Blue HhkbKellybearOne or two keyboards, a few artisanscaptaineleventopre boards, tina-c, planck, not too sure about what else. dxm765-KnightDXArtisansthecheeselouiseA couple keycap sets and a few basic boards. Nothing extreme. DirtyMonkey43Keyboards, Artisans, Some of my own artisanspasclerasc-ShiroArtisans, like a whole bunchiamtootallforthis?caps?jaredja customized Dactyl, if everything goes OKBingeKeebs/Kapspwade3Heavy BKE HHKB, CMYP Campine, Lets SplitKrial3 keebsLndefiniteHi-pro HHKB, and artisanskirkle-DurnlawA crappy xd60 with an Emerald Cliff Jelly Key.OliviaE6-V2mpstewartHHKB, IBM Model M, 60% build with gateron blues, maybe some otherstinymakesthingsProbably 1 keyboard + many artisan keycapsandb1An iris and maybe something elseaspenc4multiple boards, artisansEizdebArtisans, polycarb SingathevdudeZen keyboard from rgbkb.netriotonthebayKeycult No. 1, Kishsaver, maybe some keycapssp1feyMech27 TKL-V2Kirkenjerk60% Buildb_stersPok3r White LED Cherry MX Browns w/ DSA Granite Keycaps, and a stock GK64.vivalarevoluciˇnIBM Model F XTant keyboard, beam spring, Topre 30g,  Model F SSK (maybe)jtm94-JPLots of vintage keyboardsW360keyboard bagsEngicoder2-3 keyboardsOakCypressFC660C x2, HHKB Type SsturnerGodspeed on a banana split v2 in a bloodwood Retro 60 caseClackeys / Polysculpture (Reddit)ArtisansD4nthr4x-kollective_mkWey-Tec HK2000, Custom Alps SKCC 65%, etc.Joheinous-TheGreatIceDrakeA board or two, some artisansPeiweisgreatE6-V2, Norbatouch, PearlM1kehonch0Few Alps boards, Beamspring, TKC1800sbeard_tanMaybe a keeb or 2 and some artisans.Carlobv2-3 keyboards (possibly), artisans
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Looks like a pretty good crew thus far. ;)

i signed up but i'm not on the list

i think i ticked that box by accident


--- Quote from: Puddsy on Sat, 24 March 2018, 00:08:11 ---i signed up but i'm not on the list

i think i ticked that box by accident

--- End quote ---

Well not I'm definitely not going. ;)

Will there be a post with what everyone's bringing? I don't want to bring something if a ton of others are going to do the same.


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