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[IC] GMK Bordeaux | Collaborations Revealed! (9/5/21) 🍷

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You need an extra b in the base kit, the kitting seems good tho. I prefer the legend to pop more on the standard alphas.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the base alpha color, but even if it's not my thing, I definitely see how it fits with the inspiration. The novs are gorgeous, I'd build my first ISO board just for that enter!

I like dis, pls swap alpha and accent color or just find a new alpha color.

Love the red on this set. I think youíve already got your kitting critique, so no need to beat a dead horse. I would have to agree about the alpha color. I would like to see it be a bit more orange, but itís ultimately up to your vision of what the set is supposed to represent. Good work and good luck!

that full bodied kit looks nice .. ;)



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