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[IC] GMK Bordeaux | Collaborations Revealed! (9/5/21) 🍷

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I still think the full-bodied alphas should be the base. For the GMK Stargaze group buy they also made the initial alternative alphas the base set but then kept the initial alphas as the alternative and all sets were made.

Just wanted to do a quick update on some of the collaborations confirmed so far. I went ahead and posted some links that showcases some of the work they have done, so I encourage you guys to check them out!

Metal/Resin Keycaps: Rama Works, Asero Foundry, Arcana Keys
Cables: Rocket Cables, RnCables
Wrist Rest: MarbleK
Deskmat: 1stGarden

There are still more collaborations waiting to be confirmed, so be on a lookout! Next step, I'm going to work on getting price quotes and novelty checks.

Mmm I likey.

Aero is the artisan w Rama or moved to Hibi?

PLEASE MAKE FRENCH AZERTY SET. Since nobody does "azerty" layout all the french market is literally forgotten. By the way, how can one make a Bordeaux inspired set without it ? Cela n'a aucun sens ! : )


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