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[IC] GMK Bordeaux | THOK and Asero Foundry Keycaps Revealed! (10/28/21) 🍷

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--- Quote from: IOVERCALLHISTIOCYTES on Sun, 10 October 2021, 21:20:03 ---Aero is the artisan w Rama or moved to Hibi?

--- End quote ---
I'm looking to contact Hibi to replace Rama for one of my metal artisan collaborations since there was an internal issue that has caused some delays on their end (affected other sets as well). Since Kate is the owner of Hibi, the quality of the metal artisans should remain the same! Only difference is the branding in this case.

--- Quote from: NightFox99 on Mon, 11 October 2021, 03:17:24 ---PLEASE MAKE FRENCH AZERTY SET. Since nobody does "azerty" layout all the french market is literally forgotten. By the way, how can one make a Bordeaux inspired set without it ? Cela n'a aucun sens ! : )

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As much as I want to include the AZERTY kit (especially because of the obvious French inspiration), it's not looking too feasible at the moment since only 3.1% of people who responded to the interest check form are interested in that layout. Especially for a GMK set, it's not likely to reach MOQ and will be really expensive to run. However, assuming the first run for this set proves successful, I would definitely love to include AZERTY for an SA or KAT version in the near future since there's a lot more flexibility in terms of kitting for them compared to GMK! Really like how those profiles look too :)

Updates have been pretty slow lately, so apologies in advance! Anyway, I recently got a response back from GMK regarding the novelty checks, and there are a few things that will need to be tweaked for their approval. I plan on getting started on this today since I'm no longer piled up with IRL responsibilities, so look forward to it! Once that gets sorted out, the initial price quotes for the kitting should be announced shortly afterwards.

With that out of the way, I wanted to introduce two new metal keycap collaborations! Please welcome THOK and Hibi!

Metal/Resin Keycaps: THOK, Hibi MX

If you guys haven't seen them yet, THOK and Asero Foundry recently finished rendering two beautiful keycaps for this collaboration! The THOK keycap utilizes a clean/minimalist wine glass design, topped off with a dark-red matte finish and a shiny gloss resin infill to represent the wine liquid. The Asero Foundry keycap is an anodized aluminum piece that aims to capture the "drip art" technique of a famous abstract modern artist, Jackson Pollock. You can catch a peek of them below:


Looks really nice!


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