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Anyone use a DataDesk 'board?

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I have been looking into them and I like what I am finding, though I'm not finding that much. I emailed the tech support department and they said they still use real Alps switches and that they are clicky.

I bought the smartboard a couple years ago.

That's my original review of it. Summary is:

1) good switches
2) cheap plastic
3) really loud (seemed louder than the avant prime i had)
4) weird rounded F-keys, seemed silly
5) TERRIBLE ghosting. sold it just because of that.

maybe they've fixed #5, but I doubt it. I never heard anything from their support email when I asked them about it.

I bought my HHKB Pro 2 from you off eBay. Small world, huh.

Thank you for the reply. I'll read your review and use it to help me make my decision.

The HHKB Pro 2 is flawless, thanks, and glad to see you here.

Was that problem with ghosting from the start or didn't you notice it for a while? They advertise a 30 day money back guarantee on the site. If I buy one and it has that, it's going back, no questions asked.

I'm pretty sure I noticed it on the first day.. it's very reproducible once you know how the keys are wired together. There was some particular combination, I forget which one, which I type a lot, so I noticed very quickly.

My general rule these days is either get a keyboard in common use (like microsoft/logitech etc.) that is unlikely to have these problems, since ghosting is unacceptable in any situation, OR look for N-key rollover support for the higher end ones.

The Matias tactile pro has similar ghosting problems. I've bought too many supposed 'high end' keyboards who's electronics implementations are anything but.

That being said, someone on craigslist wanted to give it a try, so I sold it at cost - $10.

I've heard people say that they don't notice the ghosting.. though it's really hard for me to believe.. but it may just have to do with typing speed (I'm about 80-100 wpm depending) and also habits, as in whether you're likely to release one key completely before pressing the next one down. I think when I'm typing fast there are definitely instances where I"ll have multiple keys down for split seconds. That's when the ghosting will really hit you. Hunt and peckers will never see it.


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