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[IC] Kaidesk ALU Red Esc Keycap
« on: Wed, 10 March 2021, 17:05:24 »
Kaidesk Red Aluminium Esc Key Cap

Interest Check Thread

Hello and welcome to Kaidesk's first IC. Mechboards UK are posting this on behalf of Kaidesk :) We've been closely working with them and are happy to announce this interest check here on GH.


Hi and welcome to Kaidesk’s first IC!

We’re a new UK company producing CNC machined key caps of our own design. We make them almost entirely at our Surrey workshop, with some of the surface treatment outsourced to local companies.


Our KD3/0 profile was designed to provide a modern, light industrial look. Similar to Cherry R1, although it is symmetrical in the front to back plane. The profile can serve as an artisan key cap, or a full macropad set. We plan to create matching accent keys in the near future, with full sets to follow.

This red esc key cap would of course serve as an artisan/novelty. The textured surface is subtle when in use at arm’s length, while the contrasting engraved legend looks crisp and feels almost imperceptible.

You will be able to complete the look with matching novelties to follow in the near future.

Production Process

CNC machined from solid 6082T6 aircraft grade aluminium.
Vapour blasted with glass bead for texture.
Anodised red for colour and durability.
CNC engraved 2 tone esc legend.

Check our Instagram pages for production photos and videos




Cherry MX Style Stem


6082T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium


4.2g / 0.148 oz

Group Buy

Plan to start the GB soon, and will run for 2 weeks OR until 200 units have been ordered.


Mechboards UK (EU)
Keyhive (US/CA)

Hopefully around the £45 mark. This may change.


Red only for now, but more colours may be added later.

Please note that the colour of the key cap you receive may not perfectly match the colour in the photos. This is for several possible reasons:

The colour reproduction of computer/device screens is usually not perfect.
Colour matching anodising dyes across various prototype and production runs is very difficult. It can be affected by:
Minor differences in the aluminium alloy
Anodising temperature and time
Chemical and dye concentration

However, we will do our absolute best to ensure the colour is as close to perfect as possible. Anodising can be redone, so we’ll keep trying until we’re happy.

Prototype Photos

Interest Form
(Email Capture included for future updates)

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Re: [IC] Kaidesk ALU Red Esc Keycap
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 11 March 2021, 07:13:44 »
I'll be here to answer any questions and provide updates etc. Also very interested to hear feedback so please feel free to post or message me directly.