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Car-Board 2021 - Keyboard Meetup at an European car Meetup
Date: Sunday Oct 3rd, 2021
Location: Irwindale Speedway, CA

The idea is to mix my main event, Big SOCAL EURO 2021, one of the largest European car gatherings on the West Coast with my passion for Keyboards. I think it's a great combination for a Meetup. You get to enjoy the company of European car enthusiasts with the enthusiasts of the keyboard community. We want to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. I hope you will join for our first annual Car-Board, tech presented by

Car-Board Event info -
Big SOCAL EURO 2021 info -
Video from 2019

Plans are to host large canopy space for people to display their keyboards. General Admissions to Big SOCAL EURO will be required, registration on our main website.

Guest appearance from Apiary Keyboards & AndyV

Keyboard Events
  • BEST  sounding keyboard
  • WORST sounding keyboard
  • WORSE sounding keyboard (B-stock)
  • BEST looking keyboard
  • WORST looking keyboard
  • WORSE sound keyboard (B-stock)

  • Ikki68 Aurora from
  • Hyte Revolt ITX computer case by iBuyPower
  • ... from Divinikey
  • More to be announced
    • #Carboard
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Discord link doesn't work.


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Car-Board 2021 - Form -

Please fill out so we know what keyboards you are bringing, and we have some giveaway T-shirts that I'm working on (freebies!!) Courtesy of Car-Board sponsor.


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Apiary keyboards made announcement she will be in attendance as a guest! wooo hoooo!