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Title: [IC] Mochi Keycaps (Finally fixed it)
Post by: Emiko Mochi on Sat, 17 July 2021, 17:56:57

Hello, there! A bit new here but I was recommended to come here after sitting on reddit for longer than I should have. I've been making my own personal keycaps for a little bit and I wanted to finally have my own keycap for the pubs so hopefully some of you will enjoy it as much as my Insta following for this set. I own a small store on Etsy where I guess it all started my obsession with keycaps. And now I'm plunging into making cute keycap sets. I have a few that I've been planning but I wanted to do my own rendition of mochi caps and here's what I came up with (so far). Mochi Keycaps was the first store that I have devoted my life to and I would love to share my ideas with more than just my family and friends ^^. The logo of mochi keycaps was something that took me a while to make and even now it may change but change is always good too! So here is where I hope that people can see the work I do and understand a little bit about me. But always know there's always something new from me and like many, I am learning as I go ^^;.


For the love of Mochi treats. Usually enjoyed on new years but I get to enjoy them year-round as many new yorkers do. The colors for the caps are supposed to represent all the different flavors and adding one more into the mix. Pink and whites for red bean, Green for green tea, and blues for taro, though I thought purples would be cute too I honestly wanted to keep the same scheme of my stores logo to add a little of me to it I guess.

please click on images to see a better view

hiragana alphas



Base Kit Cap profile will be 1-1-2-3-4-4
Fuji65 by cmm studio
u80-a by roma worksong
M0lly by the keycap company
8xmk2 by kbdfans

Color Pallet:

To Do List:
Work on different novelties
Change the harsh blue to a softer tone
Work on Deskmat
Start a Vendors List

This is my first GB and I know there are a handful of things that I may have missed so please leave a comment here or in the google form I still have to go through the 150 already there so please be patient or you can message me on Discord @EmikoMochi™#0301 or my Instagram @mochikeycaps. Other renders are here Any and all suggestions comments are welcome![/center]

and thanks to everyone who told me to update this XD on dcord/insta

Title: Re: [IC] Mochi Keycaps (Finally fixed it)
Post by: Auxo on Mon, 19 July 2021, 11:30:37
Colors are good, if you're able to pull this set off, it'd be if Infinikey Pastel didnt get borked. Best of luck