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Title: Howdy!
Post by: alexcount on Thu, 30 August 2012, 12:32:31
Hey felllow GeekHacker's,
Long time lurker and lifetime geekhacker at heart, but first time posting.

Growing up in Manhatten during the 90's i was an avid keyboard/computer collector, remembering fondly boxes of WYSE and IBM Model M keyboards I passed up over my youth. My collection is respectable despite the small apartment i grew up in, but at the time I figured if i came home with a box of 20+ keyboard at the age of 13 they probably would have committed me...

My main keyboard is a classic IBM Model M Built in 1989. sadly the enter key on the numpad is dead, but evrything else works fine, maybe ill get around to a compelte teradown/cleaning again someday.

Also running a modified Data911 branded TG3-BL82a with working back-light, I noticed while opening it up to remove the silicon splash guard that the pcb is labeled ps2/USB, this gives me hope iot could be rewired/modified to accept USB natively, if the 2KRO could be upped to the 6KRO of the usb TG3 Deck 82 (hey, i can dream right...)

Planning to get a Teensy to run my 121~ key 1984 IBM Model F, and maybe a few old Burroughs keyboards I have laying around. I have to look through storage, but I bet i can dig up at least one WYSE keyboard.

MY computer collection is small but respectable, featuring a boxed VIC-20 and C-64, dozens of C-64's and there variants (C128, C64 late, CX64 somewhere sadly sans keyboard :( ), a boxed TRS-80 model 100 1(best keyboard ever on a laptop IMHO), many old apple ii's (iie iigs) and mac's (mac 128k, 512k, mac plus boxed, mac se, seII, classic, le, leii, etc. plus every apple keyboard 1985-2000~) an amiga 1000, and a whole bunch more i cant even recall. among these are probably at least 50 vintage boards, so stay tuned as i dig. many i havent seen in years, many times I forget what i collected...

well I know know what I NEED in life, and that is a hall effect sensor keyboard..... hope to find one somewhere, as this has been called the "holy grail" of keyboard switches.

I'm in love with this forum, finally a place for discussing my keyboard hobby with like minds.
Thanks you all, Alexander Countey

Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: Computer-Lab in Basement on Thu, 30 August 2012, 13:21:11
Title: Re: Howdy!
Post by: rowdy on Thu, 30 August 2012, 17:05:58
Welcome to Geekhack!

Ah yes, I remember the old Tandy Model 100, I had one briefly.  It was a nice keyboard, shame about the "screen" though.