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First Project, need your impressions! [Feedback]

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We are new to this forum so let me introduce ourselves shortly. We are two French collaborators (coming from Design and IT world) working in a Keycaps design project from Japan.

We called this design "Chaya" (Tea lounge/shop in Japanese).
We want this keyboard to be calming, and exuding an authentic Japan atmosphere.
We think that its a good base but we would appreciate to have your opinions and feeling about it, even more if you have suggestions.

We would be very happy and grateful if we could have a project that piques your interest! Thanks a lot.

Looks alright. Kitting needs a lot of work, though.

Add F13 to base kit, you're missing a spacebar kit with Alice layout spacebars, there's 2 accented escape caps in base kit, there is no mod colored grave (`~) and there are novelties for 40s but not anything else.

You should also at least know if you plan on having this set doubleshot or dye-subbed as well as if you want it in ABS or PBT. The enter novelty doesn't look like it can be doubleshot. Not only because of the use of 3 color in a single keycaps but also because of how thin the lines are. Refer to this guide if you're designing novelties and want to make a GMK set (doubleshot ABS):

Hi, I'm working with keytsune893 on this set.

Thank you Fraaaan for your advices. We will work again on this set and come back with more details on its conception.

Thank you again and see you soon for the update.


What type of keycap profile are these gonna be? Cherry?

Yes, it will be cherry profile


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