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Been Into Mechs for ~1 Year, Diving Down the Rabbit Hole Now :)


Hi all!

I've been into mechanical keyboards for around a year now. My first ever mechanical keyboard was an Anne Pro 2, and I've since fallen in love with the hobby. I enjoy mid-range keyboards, anywhere between $300-700, and one day hope to purchase an endgame board for myself.

My favorite board as of right now is my recently purchased POM Sirius, but I'm struggling to find keycaps that match the keyboard aesthetically - any reccomendations?

Hope to get to know this community a bit better, cheers!

Glad you joined! I myself is also a newbie around here. Hope you have wonderful times here as I do.
I'm a person who knows 0% about aesthetics but given the colorway of POM I'd honestly just settle with any BoWs.
May you find far better recommendations from others!


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