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E-Sports is the superior of sports - other than Motorsports.

Is $10 subscription worth it  for adfree stream on peacock?  Thoughts ?

nope, I'll take Discovery and Disney+ over that. .


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Fri, 23 July 2021, 10:01:30 ---Soooo... it's like having a big party , but peeps arn't allowed to come ? Even athlete families arn't allowed to watch competition, so, like,  why did they even go ?

--- End quote ---

The crowd isn't necessary or even always wanted. If all you want is a crowd or fans there are easier ways to become famous.

Why go?
You worked your entire life to reach this point and now you want to prove you're the best at your sport
It gives you access to future employment/sponsors/endorsements based on your sport.

It's still a party.
They spent their lives working to get here, doing everything right to not screw this up and now they can let loose, and they do. You're surrounded by the most fit people in the world all with similar mindset and hyped up on adrenaline, the Olympics are like a festival of sex behind the scenes. They bring in condoms by the truckload for athletes. Covid or not, that won't change.

Hrrrrrmmmmmm.....  This is interesting..

Finn Florijn, a 21-year-old vaccinated Dutch rower, tested positive after his Olympic debut in the men's single sculls race. He finished fourth in his heat and was scheduled to row again on Saturday, but now he's out of the competition and isolated for 10 days.

"I wasn't completely satisfied with my race yet. But I was hopeful to improve in the rematch. Now it's over in an instant," the athlete said in a statement.

Soooo.. Basically,  if some nefarious nation wanted to cheat,  all they'd have to do is strategically infect their opponent with korona.


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