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TKL with Trackpoint.. ARCHISS Quattro TKL?


Note to self.. stay off apparently..    The Exchange rate of Yen to USD is pretty favorable to the USD right now...  part of why I bought this on impulse thought it would be more like $180~200 shipped but it was $145.

I have been feeling like doing something different (sort of) I have a Filco MJ2 TKL that I'm pretty well pleased with but I have been using this same keyboard all the time since about 2014~     I was all set to buy some SKYLOONG or whatever hotswap thing on amazon and give that a go.      But then I wandered over to amazon japan, and well as soon as I saw this I knew I must have it.. so now amazon japan has $145~ of my money and I have this ARCHISS Quattro TKL AS-KBQ91/TGBAWP  on they way.. Happily it comes with dye sub PBT keycaps as god help you if you wear out the stock caps..    Why you ask because of this is why it is JIS layout with a TRACK POINT that is why, oh and it has the worlds smallest spacebar and two keys for left/right click for the trackpoint...   Is it good?? WHO KNOWS??? could barely find any info on the brand let alone keyboard .. one auto translated Japanese youtube video with some guy who was ~meh on the trackpoint.. but said the build was good as far as being a keyboard.     Am I going to like it???? I don't know... it was only $145 and I'm sure I could sell it to somebody if I end up not liking it...        Basically nobody else in America is going to have one of these?  (probably some people do I guess?? if those people are you.. tell me about it..   hopefully you like it because it is on it's way from Japan now.)   

I really like trackpointers on I'm hoping I dig it on this....  But whatever, when I saw this thing I knew I must have it...

I don't usually buy stuff without thinking about it more / researching pretty deeply... but not this time I guess..   I probably should have bought the US layout.. but the Japanese layout one looks way cooler since I couldn't be bothered to research anything I bought the one I liked and not the one that makes sense... YOLO AF??

Anyone have one of these / used one.. if so did you like it?         If nobody has, doubtlessly I will have something of a review vs. my filco when this arrives.     I am legitimately pretty stoked to try this thing out.

I have not used that TLK but I use a Tex Shinobi every day and absolutely love it:


--- Quote from: 1391401 on Mon, 08 August 2022, 21:28:02 ---I have not used that TLK but I use a Tex Shinobi every day and absolutely love it:

--- End quote ---

oh nice... that is pretty neat.. I'll have to keep these TEX keyboards in mind..   I'm kinda in love with the yoda II It seems to be out of stock or whatever right now.   But that Shinobi is awesome as well.. certainly something to keep in mind in future for myself.  (like when the basically never replaceable keycaps  wear out on the ARCHISS if nothing else  :) )

I have the same problem but I bought two sets of keycaps 😈 let us know what you think of that board I'm glad to see more vendors building track point boards.


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