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--- Quote from: whiskerBox;435287 ---skull mod, koelsch mod, nuke, geekhack backspace. yes yes yes
--- End quote ---

Which one is the Koelsch?


--- Quote from: ripster;435293 ---I'd like a LOD with the right orientation.

--- End quote ---

Yea, I was thinking about just doing a reverse of the SVG so it comes out the correct way in the mould.

LOD *and* Awesome Face
Please please please!

Lotus, LOD, Japan flag, skull, awesome face. Id like all those


--- Quote from: RColinTaylor;435288 ---Which one is the Koelsch?
--- End quote ---

It was a modifier key as an alternative to ALT with the label KÖLSCH on it. (Alt and Kölsch are 2 similar sorts of beer).

Just make a KOELSCH125 and a KOELSCH150 and maybe a KOELSCH100 for the POS folks.


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