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Familiar with some members from OCN, new here though

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How are we doing today, keyboard experts?! Pleasure to be a part of the group here... procrastinated joining long enough, figured being glued to one forum ( was unhealthy enough, but the lure of mechanical goodness has brought me here as well. I'm currently using a CM Quickfire Rapid with MX Browns and new key caps on the way, as well as having a spare Blackwidow that is getting Plasti-dipped and a fresh set of key caps to bring with me to work.

Look forward to posting and getting to know you guys and I'll be seeing you around!

- Danny

Another OCN member!  Welcome to Geekhack.  :)

Welcome.fellow OCNer!  Much nicer ppl here, for the most.part :D

boy i hope your name isn't an icp reference.

if not, welcome!

100% not an ICP reference.... and on that note, thanks for welcoming me! :)


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