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Greetings, everyone. I've been looking for some hard data about mechanical keyboards lately, and all roads seem to end in Geekhack so, here I am. As of now the only mechanical keyboard that I have (they're particulary hard to find down here) is a very old, very dirty IBM model F for a terminal (1397950), which needs a lot of TLC. My main keyboard is a compact BTC 5100C (AT version with PS/2 adapter) which is "rubber dome", but it makes a nice noise when I'm typing. I've been cleaning a few old HP and Compaq keyboards lately (a relaxing hobby, I have to say), but I'm hoping to put my claws in a model M real soon. Take care.

P.S.: If you think my english is a bit weird... well, you're right, it is. I'm a bit rusty, that's all.

Your English seems fine.   Welcome to Geekhack!  :)


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