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Had my keyboard for a while but new to geekhack!

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I got my first mechanical board last December for Christmas, a Rosewill RK-9000 Blues.  I love that board and it got me hooked on mechs.  A couple of months ago a Dell AT101W popped up on my local craiglist for $3, I jumped on that and got it for $12 shipped.  Black Alps are alright but I mostly got it so my brother could have a mech board and get rid of his POS with a bigass enter key.  Then just this week I found an Acer 6311-K on ebay for $28 shipped and am using that currently while the glue on my Rosewill is drying (Securing the mini usb connector).  I am actually really loving the Black Acer switches, feel better and have a click unlike the Black Alps.

So I guess I'm just saying I love geekhack and can't wait to get more boards.  What were your first Mechanical boards?

Razer Black Widow Ultimate. It has modified Cherry MX Blue which has lighter activation force than the normal Cherry MX Blue. Got rid of it since it had so many problems.

You've been registered since Feb and only have 12 posts?  Post more! lol  Welcome to Geekhack and to answer your question, Filco "Otaku" brown which I still own.  ;)

I registered back then as a lurker so I could see pictures haha, I'm remedying that.

First mech board: IBM Model M.
First Cherry MX board: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
First Topre board: Realforce 103UB
First Alps board: Focus FK2001

I didn't care much for the topre. I'm a heavy click switch guy. Blues are decent, though I will always bottom out on them. Welcome to Geekhack!


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