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Hello everyone


Hello everyone. I recently got into mechanical keyboards on a whim after a friend gave me an older one to use when his dog chewed threw my keyboard wire. Now I am looking to get my own and have pretty much already geeked out on the cool keycaps and mods and things you can do with mechanical keyboards. I tend to jump in head first without much re-guard to knowing what I am doing.  So while I can't say I will become a keyboard connoisseur or anything you will probably see me ask a lot of questions after I have broken, detached, melted, glued, or generally poked something I shouldn't have. Oh yeah and get in on many group buys.

Also if I am already poor and keyboards and accessories are a money pit does that mean I could possibly create the coolest keyboard owned by a homeless person?

Who needs a home, when you have a kickass keyboard?

Welcome = )

Welcome to GH!  ;)

Welcome to Geekhack, buddy!


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