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Hiya folks

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I'm SPooNiTe. I live in South Carolina in the USA. New to mech keyboards. Currently using a 6gv2 with MX Black, getting a white HPE 87 with blues from Qtan soon. I'm french/american. I love gaming and computers and keyboards.

Welcome to Geekhack and Cherry MX black ftw!  :)


--- Quote from: reaper on Sun, 19 August 2012, 20:24:03 ---Welcome to Geekhack and Cherry MX black ftw!  :)

--- End quote ---

finally someone who likes blacks! I actually love them, even though they're my first switch.

If you get a chance, try Topre uniform 55g & also IBM buckling spring.  Those 2 are my next favorites right after cherry mx black.  ;)

Forget blacks go blues!


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