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but i've been using keyboards for years.

currently looking to replace a corsair K60 due to the spongy top row. i wasn't too sure about all the mechanical shenanigans 'til it turned out the old SGI board i used for years was mechanical; it sadly got traded for a more compact rubber dome sgi board some years ago.

I like the cherry reds on  this corsair board but i miss double-taps frequently because i'm not letting the key back up far enough, so currently looking to try out mx browns instead as i'm led to believe they'll be closer to the old SGI board i used.

Also i've always wondered why keyboards don't have metal keys, and that now appears to be a possibility, so hurray!

Welcome aboard. You will find many answers here to your questions.


Computer-Lab in Basement:

Browns will have a small tactile bump. Should help.

You could also try blues as there is a little more of a "pop" feeling when you let up on a key press, but they are a bit noisy (not for everyone).

Welcome to GH! Keep us updated and enjoy the community.

Welcome to GeekHack.

Browns may give you enough feedback to know when the switch reset. Otherwise blues/clears will also do the same but with a larger bump.


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