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Hello everyone!

I've arrived here from another computer forum with just a single thread on mechanical keyboards. I've been advised to come here for quite a while, and finally am because I'm now in the market for a second board, and want to expand my keycap collection. I hear blacks aren't the favoured switch here, but that's what's on my Choc Mini anyway, so deal with it!  ;D

I'm sure I'll enjoy the community here.

Thanks, Alessandro.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Why thank you! I really look forward to participating in the community!

Welcome to GeekHack.

Brown is the only switch btw.


--- Quote from: hazeluff on Tue, 28 August 2012, 15:02:52 ---Brown is the only switch btw.

--- End quote ---

Welcome to GH, Blues/Greens is where its at...


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