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I started looking into a cherry mx blue das keyboard, something to give me a little more umph when writing fiction.  Didn't like the look of the keyboard or the vibe of the company, I can be kind of picky about that sort of thing.

So I'm saving up money for a solid (100<keyboard<200) cherry mx blue keyboard.  Hopefully the WASD v2s will be out in tenkeyless and looking good by the holidays.  Otherwise, a flico majetouch 2 is probably what I'm looking at.  I'm also looking at an o-rig mod for that.

I do a minimal amount of gaming, mostly rogue-likes, which actually benefit from a ten key keyboard.  Would a leopold cherry mx red be good for dwarf fortress and office stuff?

I'm also interested in DIY arcade control projects.

Peace y'all.   

Welcome to GH. Can't go wrong with a Filco.

^ He's right you know.   Oh and welcome!

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Switches are matter of personal preference, I for one think Browns are the master-switch.

Can't go wrong with a Filco. My first board is a Filco MJ2 and I'm still using it. Solid good board, with no problems so far.

Welcome to GeekHack.


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