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I don't really feel new because I've been lurking for quite a while now, but I really enjoy this forum so I figured I would post! I've always heard about mechanical keyboards and scoffed, because who spends 100+ dollars on a keyboard? Then my brother gave me a Razer blackwidow ultimate several months ago that he no longer wanted, and now it's hard for me to use anything else! I know that people say it's not the best mechanical, but it has certainly improved my typing, and I don't experience near the level of discomfort I usually do when typing for extended periods of time. I've since then tried several different keyswitches, and I'm planning on getting something with MX Browns sometime soon! Anyway, I'm not really sure what else to put in this post, but I'm happy to be joining this community!

And we're happy to have you here!  :)  Now hold on to your wallet and go browse the Classifieds/Group Buy section. lol


The BlackWidow might have something of a bad reputation, but most of the problems I have read about seem to be long term problems - space bar misaligning after months of use etc.

a keyboard should not display signs of wear after months of use except on ABS keycaps

I did the same sort of thing bought a steelseries 7G the day it cam out in the states not even know it was mechanical and only stopped using it a year or possibly 2 ago because i had worn through a few caps and bought a HHKB. Though i know if i went back to the 7g it would still feel like home just as the hhkb does when i come back to it after using other keyboards.


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