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I'd like to blame each and every one of you for providing the information that you do. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be typing on this brand new Filco Ninja (Brown). I have a Razer Black Widow (Blue) at home, but am much happier with my new work board. Looking forward to learning and sharing experiences.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Welcome fellow brown brother.

Welcome to GeekHack.

Welcome to Geekhack!

Having bought some MX blues for home, I couldn't stand the rubber domes I had at work, so I got another MX blues.

Now I have a Filco with MX browns on order ...

On a different topic, what's with the apparent obsession of some to use a TKL board? Perhaps it's just the line of work that I'm in, or the manual inventory at the retail level I had to do when I was younger, but the 10-Key is essential to me. I couldn't imagine using the number row for anything other than obligatory numbers in passwords. I understand it saves space, but, for me at least, the cost would be too high.


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