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Hello there, I found geekhack through a friend who decided to take me into the world of mechanical keyboards.

I pretty much can't get enough now.

I only own two models; the CMStorm quickfire rapid with Cherry MX Blues and the Rosewill RK-9000 with Cherry MX Brown switches. Waiting to try the reds soon - I bet they're delicious.  :p

I just recently got into collecting keycaps and modding and whatnot and needless to say my wallet is very unhappy with me.

A little bit more about me: I play League of Legends, work as a busser at a local restaurant (glamorous I know), and I stay up all night. I build computers, and am going into IT at some point in time.

Hope to see some of you around - Cheers!

Computer-Lab in Basement:

This place is more like temptation iland. But you must resist, otherwise your wallet will suffer big time ;-)

No wallet is safe from geekhack.

I'm sorry.

Welcome to GeekHack.

Only way to be safe is to find "the one".


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