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--- Quote from: rowdy on Mon, 03 September 2012, 03:30:54 ---
--- Quote from: blunote on Mon, 03 September 2012, 00:14:39 ---I have and I quite like the blues - but I find myself switching to the browns every now and then. It feels more satisfying typing on the browns after spending a long time typing on the blues. The bump is definitely noticeable though when I don't bottom out (which I have a bad habit of doing since I slam my fingers into the keyboard far too often  :)) )

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Ok, thanks for that.  I have one blues, and decided to get a second blues for work.  Now I have a browns on order, so I'll know for myself in about a month's time, but my research suggested that the browns have a very subtle tactile bump compared to the blues.  And I like the blues :)

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they do and they feel a bit heavier than the blues as well. The blues are light and give a really solid bump - where as the bump on the browns is a bit more soft feeling. It feels more solid than the blues though which are very fast and responsive but tend to feel like typing on air compared to the browns. I still think you'll love them as there is a definite tactile feedback to them and they are an absolute joy to type on. The sound they make is also very nice. Not as loud and clicky but very much so a satisfying typing sound.


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