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If i want to sell a keyboard

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If i want to sell a keyboard is there a way to do it on this site? I can't seem to find a thread. I might be willing to part with Macally 96 keyboard. It is an Alps keyboard that i think uses the white ones. It is in great condition and i am also going to include the adapter that makes it USB ready. Thanks.

You make a thread in the classifieds section. I think you need at least 50 posts before you can see/post in the classifieds though.

There have been so many threads about this in this section. I think people should starting looking for information themselves before posting on the same topic over and over again.

Used to be 50, is now 60 in a big orange font:

I did look for the information myself but as i stated, i am still learning the site. Sorry to inconvenience anyone with a thread that has been posted numerous times.


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