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If i want to sell a keyboard

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That's interesting, I bought a keyboard in the classifieds already... And I was able to see threads and reply. I didn't try to start a new thread, so I don't know if that would work. But maybe the restriction that has been set up isn't working properly? I don't know who to tell to look into it.

you only need whatever number of posts to create new threads. afaik there is either a low or non-existent post-count requirement for viewing and replying.

Ahh gotcha. Like I said, I hadn't tried posting a new thread. But in the link rowdy posted it makes it seem like you can't even see the classifieds haha.

In the paragraph immediately above the big orange bit, it says "At some point (currently 50 100 60 posts, but subject to change without notice), you will join the ranks of the Full Members, soldiers of fortune who are allowed to submit NEW topics to the classifieds and group buy forums.".


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