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HI im new :)

I guess i'll share my review of Qtan and the product i bought from him, to help other noobs in their adventures in this keyboard world.

First the product i bought was a KBT pure with red switches!

Here are a few shots next to my fc200r sorry if the quality is bad camera phones :(

As for the sale itself! I couldn't be more happy. I could still be on the "i just got a package" high, but qtan has impressed me to say the least.

-Shipping was very fast (took less then 7 days on a holiday weekend), i live in texas which is roughly 11,300km or 7000 miles from china where the package was shipped from.
-Qtan include free set of PBT keycaps
- i asked Qtan a question just regarding if he received my proper address and he responded within minutes

Final verdict Qtan deserves an award for his services

anyways just the new guy review and thanks for letting me be a part of this community.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Thanks for sharing man, was always hesitant to buy from that store, buy this makes me feel better about it.

Welcome! The people are cool here.

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Great first post. Lots of pics (we like those) and some nice feedback for qtan.

Welcome to GH!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys


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