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So the workplace I'm in involved far too much typing on a crappy dome keyboard. Then, I hear this clack clack clackclackclack click sound coming from my supervisor behind me. Curious to see what in the world was creating all the ruckus, I go and take a look at what would be my eventual downfall. He was typing away on a Leopold (I think that is how it is spelt) blank keyboard with Blue Cherries. OMGWTFBBQ, typing on it was like drinking the first beer after the elusive acquired taste; I wanted one. This started a long and exasperating search for the keyboard that I wanted to buy.

I searched and I searched, looked at Razors, too black and the LEDs weren't that appealing; Leopold, can't do, someone else already has one. So another coworker of mine came in with a Coolmaster with Brown cherries. It sounded much better, didn't nearly as loud of a clack but still knew that the keys had been pressed. But I still didn't like the browns or blues, I was after red cherries. The linear and light pressure was appealing to me. So I continue to look and then I find a very bad website. It did things to my wallet that I've never had happen before, it's still curled up in the shower. WASD Keyboards is a very bad website. Customizable caps, can choose the switch that I want, different COLOURS?!?!?!? What is this nonsense. Five hours later, after testing out each option I had available, I decided against getting a patterned look and just got something ordinary.

Ordinary turned out to be an engraved set of red keycaps, with white R1x1.25s and red cherries. But now I wanna have different caps for keys that I don't use that often, to spruce up a brand new keyboard (I haven't had it 5 hours yet). Curses modifications, curses.

And picture:

Welcome to Geekhack! and great first post ;D

Spreading like wildfire in the workplaces!

Welcome to GH. You can now find more stuff to make you cooler than your coworkers.

Yes, welcome. Enjoy your time here. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

Welcome to wallethack.  You are now poor. :D


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