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Just arrived today

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Welcome! That's not bad for your first board! :D

That was a good first post.  FYI, you should check out the Round4 group buy before it closes in a few days.  Or maybe you shouldn't.  I could have stuck with my trusty Leopold and never discovered geekhack.  I signed up and now I'm about to spend way too much money on 2 sets from 7bit.  You're in big trouble, buddy.

Welcome to Geekhack.

I hope you enjoy your new board and the many that follow. :p

Welcome to the slippery slope. = )

See you at the keyboardholics anonymous meetings XD

welcome, and since im fairly new here and was in a similar boat i can say with FULL CONFIDENCE, DO NOT EVER TRY AND FIND OUT WHAT CC KEYS ARE!!!


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