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Just arrived today

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Welcome to Geekhack, also known as Wallethack.

Nice keyboard  :)

nice keyboard! welcome to gh

Thanks everyone :D It seems really bland compared to everyone else's. I'm working on fixing this ordeal though.

MistakeMistake, that's a nice S2k you have there.

After the quick inspection of browsing the OT section, I can confirm the helpfulness of peoples on GH. Customizable keycaps are not far away.

I was poor to begin with, automotives, shaving, and bicycling are all rather expensive hobbies (yes, shaving is a hobby, so much smellies), now this. Oh no.

The wallethacking is currently being caused by actually wanting to buy a gaming rig for home. So I can actually use this masterpiece keyboard for wasting more time then the regular... So Reddit.

Not quite bland - sometimes simpler is better, besides I haven't seen a keyboard with that colour combination of keys yet, so your board is unique.

Computer-Lab in Basement:


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