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So I have been lurking around the forum for the past couple weeks gathering information on keyboards. Well I finally ordered a KBT Pure from one of the vendors here on geekhack this morning and I am really excited since this will be my first mechanical keyboard. Anyway, I am studying Information Technology Security and network admin stuff at my local collage. This increase in computer based work has led to my decision on getting a new keyboard. Hopefully I wont fall down the rabbit whole and end up spending tons of money on keyboards and keycaps(my wife would most likely kill me in that case). I hope I can contribute to discussion around here and looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

Yeah, you're going to spend money.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget.



(and welcome)

Just tell your wife it's better be at home loving your new keyboards (plural!) than out carousing at strip joints.

Falling into the rabbit hole is inevitable.  How deep you fall is the question.

And like posthaste said, your interests could always be worse.  My wife has come to accept it - I just usually get a few dirty looks when I come home with a new board or a bag of keycaps.

Welcome to GH.

My wife yelled at me when I picked up 2 more boards in addition to the 2 old ones I had. A few months later she had her own plus a small collection of caps. Use the "we need to work together to have more common interests" line if you must. ;D


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