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Hey guys, my name's Jeremy AKA jeroplane and I'm from Sydney, Australia.

I've been lurking (with a few posts here and there) on GH for the past two weeks as I deliberated, and eventually did, get myself my first mechanical keyboard.

A week ago I ended up purchasing a standard black Filco MJ2 TKL with Cherry MX Blues, and I've been loving it so far. Makes me cry when I type on the old, sticky rubber domes at work (where the computer is shared).

The problem is, now that I've got this new baby, GeekHack has become a sort of addiction. I just hope it doesn't burn too big of a hole in my wallet.

A bit sad that I came to the keyboard scene a little late and missed out on the CCnG set (the green and white GeekHack keys are sex!). Green's my favourite colour!

In the meantime however, to start off my keycap adventure I've got a few coloured blanks from WASD coming in to spice up my currently stock keyboard.

Love the forums and the hobby, and it's nice to meet you all!

Welcome to Geekhack, also known as wallet hack!

You have chosen a good stable reliable first mech keyboard, I am waiting for my first Filco whilst typing this on a Ducky Shine (with MX blues).

Just wait until you get the urge to own a CC skull ;)

I fear that a seed of that urge has already been planted...

welcome mate! its all down hill i can assure you :D

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