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Hi everyone. Been lurking for a tiny while and thought I best get around to introducing myself.
I'm from NSW Australia, in my 20's. Love gaming (currently addicted to Minecraft, have been for ages :P) I like FPS's mainly though.
Current keyboard I use is a Ducky YOTD with brown switches, though I must say I really do miss my blue switches on my Black Widow.
The BW was my first mechanical keyboard, but it started having issues of double typing ooooo all the time.

I'm a full time student and when not studying or pretending to, I am either playing games, browsing forums, dribbling over all the keycaps I want to buy or missed out on buying or hanging with friends.

Hope you all have/had a great weekend :)

Welcome to Geekhack!

I too play Minecraft, and have a Ducky, but just a Shine.  The YOTD with brown switches and, more importantly, yellow backlighting, was a sore temptation for me.

Avagoodweekend, what's left of it.

Thanks Rowdy. :)

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Thanks Computer-Lab in Basement  :cool:


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