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Hello all,

New to geekhack having just rediscovered mechanical keyboards. Got hold of a couple of old cherry boards and fell in love with the feel of the switches compared to rubber dome and I'm now looking to upgrade to a modern plate mounted board. Stuck between either the blue or brown MX switches at the moment and cannot make my mind up (like both equally). In addition to that I would like to pick up a smaller portable keyboard to take around with me and a buckling spring board as I grew up on the old model M keyboard before it was likely disposed of :(


Welcome! Big vote for browns here :)

Welcome. You will get plenty of questions answered here and lots of opinions. Good luck.

Welcome Welcome to GH!

Ergo clears are where its at! And I would recommend looking at getting a Pure for a small portable board, I would recommend a Poker as well, but they seem to be hard to find these days.

Welcome to Geekhack!

Get one of each :cool:


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