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Hey, I've lurked around a bit, and figured I should join. Right now I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth (MX Brown), which I'm replacing with a Ducky shine 2 with MX Reds and Red LEDs as soon as possible. I also have a Belkin n52te that I modded with Cherry MX Reds and red LEDs (!

I play a relatively large number of games, and have a fairly nice computer, and am looking forward to having a fairly nice keyboard to match.

I'm 21, from Edmonton, Alberta, and am right now a student, so I'll have to hold back on buying too many things.   :rolleyes:

Welcome to GeekHack. There is lots of good information and people here. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to Geekhack!

A nice variety you have to start with, but mind your wallet - you will be tempted to buy more ;)

Nice Belkin mod too, I have one of the original Nostromos which has felt horrible to use since I bought it (and consequently does not get much use).

Welcome to GeekHack. But more importantly, do you play dota2? and if so, are you any good?

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