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Hello Geekhack!


Hello Geekhack, I lurked a bit for 3-4 weeks and now it is time to join the community. Since today i am a happy user of a DasKeyboard Ultimate (my first mechanical keyboard) and I AM LOVING IT.

Short about me: My real name is Florian, and I am from Germany and currently 18 years old, I am studying graphic design and I do photography as a hobby. I am playing a lot of Starcraft 2 on the Eu server (thats why I got myself a mechanical keyboard, and I found out about geekhack over teamliquid)

Sorry for my not soo good english ;) cheers.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Welcome to Geekhack!

Your English is considerably better than my German ;)

Wilkommen zu GeekHack.

Your English is better than my German too. Then again I'm told my german is terrible.


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