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Hello geekhack,

I bough yet another expensive keyboard last week (after a Steelseries 7g, Filco and razer blackwidow). This time i went for the topre realforce 104UB but now i'm thinking I should have bought the happy hacking keyboard pro 2. Don't get me wrong i really like the realforce but there's something sexy about that hhkb layout. I'm gutted.  What should i do?
Anyone from UK who would like to trade maybe?

You should have bought the HHKB2, I love mine and I am hopefully getting a type s this month :D

Sell the 104, might be a bit tricky as it is a full-size board and get the HHKB2.

welcome to geekhack!!

i'll let hashbaz fill you in on what this will do to your wallet :)

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Welcome! Try selling your board here, maybe someone from the UK will buy from you :D


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